Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease that causes pain, swelling and inflammation of the joints. It cannot be cured, but with early diagnosis and good management, the progression can be slowed. Some patients are well enough to climb mountains, but unfortunately, others struggle just to get out of bed.

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The Campaign

Active with RA is an opportunity for those of us who are able-bodied to celebrate our ability, mobility and fitness and use it to help those who are less able.

While straightforward donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated, we've decided to take it one step further:

For the month of October, we encourage you to get up, get out there and increase your mobility, activity and fitness. Do what you can, whether you are using a walker and can only pledge to do 20 more steps a day; or are a marathon runner and can pledge to run 50km more per week. The idea is to get friends, family and businesses involved, asking them to donate a certain amount per step, per km, etc..

Be creative: If you are confined to a wheelchair, get someone to donate per tricep dip. If you are acrobatic, call up a circus company and ask them to donate per handstand push-up. If you're a swimmer, get a sports retailer to donate R5 per lap swum. Anything goes!

Help us help Judy, and improve your own mobility and health along the way too!

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The Main Event

On 31 October / 1 November, weather permitting, our three cause champions will be completing an adventure circuit in Cape Town:

1. Kayaking from Three Anchor Bay to Clifton

2. Trail running from Clifton to Signal Hill

3. Paragliding off Signal Hill, landing on the Sea Point Promenade

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Our Champions

Carrie Milton

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Christa Joubert

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Natasha Posnett

More about Judy

For over 3 years Science teacher, Judy Nel, has been on the waiting list for a left hip replacement operation through Port Elizabeth’s Livingstone State Hospital where orthopaedic surgeons are authorised to do only one hip replacement a week. Unfortunately, the hospitals are now under such pressure with Covid19 that Judy's operation cannot be scheduled for the foreseeable future. 

In July 2020, following the advice of her GP, Judy went to a private orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Audley, where she was told that her hip has now deteriorated so much that unless she is able to have a hip replacement operation as soon as possible, she will be permanently bound to a wheelchair.

Dr Audley also observed that her left leg is almost 1cm shorter than the right. The head of the femur is so eroded, it has moved away from the hip socket making movement difficult. Currently, Judy faces a daily struggle with the extreme pain her current condition causes.

Judy Nel is a much-loved and dedicated Science teacher. She is also involved in training teachers once a month and in working on improving Home Schooling. S
he has been involved in STEM projects through NMU and after-school skills training at UBUNTU in the hope of making education more accessible.

Judy's sister, Lisette, is disabled as a result of Post-Polio Syndrome and depends on Judy. Judy's current situation has limited her ability to assist Lisette and she's also had to stop teaching due to pain and mobility challenges.

The operation will give Judy the chance to regain her mobility, get about without a wheelchair and to be free of the pain. Most importantly, she will be able to get back to sharing her expertise with others and helping her sister.

22 September 2020

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